Aggtelek National Park Directorate
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Herdbook identity number: JKH-49/11/2008
The Aggtelek Landscape Protection Division was formed in 1978, from which the National Environment- and Nature Protection Office president’s 8/1978. OKTH number decree was commisioned. In 1984, the National Environment- and Nature Protection Office president’s 7/1984. (XII. 29.) OKTH number commision has declared the Aggtelek Landscape Protection Divison to a national park. The functional area of the national park was fell into the area between the Sajó, Hernád and the country border until the 1st of February, 2007, and after this date it also took over the areas from the Bükk National Park Directorate, that lies east from Hernád – according to the 347/2006. (XII. 23.) decree – so its functional area has grown to 4338.9 km2.

Legal status and classification of Aggtelek National Park Directorate:
„The Aggtelek National Park Directorate – under the management of the Rural development minister – is an independent legal person, independently managing central budgetary member, who is a nature conservational handler in its operational area, it performs the maintenance of the nature conservation areas, which are in property management, as well as it cultivates the first-class nature conservation misdemeanor statutory authority, and it operates the guard duty of the Nature Conservation Directorate.”

The nationally important protected natural areas – declared by a unique law – which are in the operational area of Aggtelek National Park Directorate and are in touch with Sárospatak micro region can be classified into the following groups according to the expansivity, aim, home and national importance of the protection – according to the 1996. year LIII. law in relation to nature protection.

  • landscape protection division:
    „Landscape protection division are declared as significant natural, landscape facility rich, bigger, generally coherent areas, land parts of the country, where the interaction of human and nature is aesthetic, and it formed a well distinguishable character considering the cultural and natural viewpoints and its primary function is preservation of landscape and natural values.”

  • nature conservation area:
    „Nature conservation area is a smaller, coherent area of the country’s significant and special nature value rich parts, which primary function is the protection of one or more natural value, and the protection of their coherent system. According to the 23. § (2) section, every protected fen, sodic lake, are considered as nature conservation areas.”
  • natural memory:
    „Natural memories are specially significant, unique natural values, formations, and their protective areas. According to the 23. § (2) section, every protected well, sinkhole, cumanian hillock, earth fort are considered as natural memories.”

According to the 1996. year LIII. law’s 23. § (2) section, in relation to the nature conservation.
„(2) By virtue of this law, all well, fen, cavern, sinkhole, sodic lake, cumanian hillock, earth fort is under protection. Protected natural areas are considered as national importance areas according to this paragraph [24. § (1) section].”

(3) In the application of the (2) paragraph:

  1. cavern is a natural cavity, which was formed inside the earth crust’s rock, which longitudinal axis transcends two meters – after removing the actual or natural filling – and its size allows the penetration for a man;
  2. well is the natural emerging of underground waters, even if its water output transcends 5 litre/minute, or if it ebbs periodically;
  3. sinkhole is the permanent or periodical place for the surface water, which swallows into karst;
  4. the fen is a territory, which is permanently or periodically exposed by the effect of water, and which soil is periodically imbued with water, and
  5. where we can find fen life communities (in the significant parts) and live organisms, or
  6. variable evolving peat content, and it features peat forming processes;
  7. sodic lake is a natural or a nature-friendly watery habitat, which bed is permanently or periodically covered by at least 600 mg/litre sodium-cation dominant dissolved mineral water, and by salty live communities;
  8. cumanian hillock is significant from many aspects: cultural history, cultural heritage, landscape and wildlife protection, which could be a determinative item of the land with its outstanding nature;
  9. the earth fort is a linear (established by the purpose of protection) or a closed formation earth work, which represents historical, cultural heritage, surface morphology, and landscape values”

The XVVII. map attachment shows the extension, and postion of the national important, unique law protected natural areas of Sárospatak micro region.

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