The Green Circle undertook the realisation of the following goals in the nature conservational, awareness-raising project, with a name: „Presentation of Sárospatak walk’s natural values”, in connection with the LEADER competition, with a „Protection, preservation of local values and exploration of heritage, caring of religious life” objective area, in the territory of Local Action Group of Zempléni lands.

Compilation, elaboration of Nature Protection study with the following elements:


  • presentation of Sárospatak (Walk) micro region and its settlements,
  • description, analysis and presentation of the areas of the walk, which falls beneath international protection,
  • description, analysis and presentation of the areas of the walk, which falls beneath national protection,
  • collection, description, analysis and presentation of the landscape protection values of the walk,
  • supplemented richly with map and photo attachments.


Organisation and presentation of informative lectures: Presentation of a 45 minute lecture in every different settlement’s educational institutes of the walk, in the aim of knowing and understanding the walk’s natural values. In the connection with the lecture, as an introduction, nature protection and its regional categories will be presented in general, then right after this, slides (powerpoint) will present the protected areas of the region, with a particular regard on the nature protection areas, close to the given settlements.

Development and installation of an informative website, which is intended to present one of the region’s emphasized importance, protected and endangered bird species, the black stork and the walk’s natural values.

Nature protection issues, we undertook the maintenance of two issues, connecting to the project. With the help of a 80 page booklet, Sárospatak and its region’s natural values will be presented with several colourful photos and a sketch map, as well as an A/2 poster will present a bunch of protected flowers without limitations. The issues will not be printed within the frame of the project, those are only available in the present internet portal as downloadable formats.

A weblap az Európai Mezőgazdasági és Vidékfejlesztési Alap, Magyarország Kormányának LEADER keretéből
a SIMONINFO Multimédia és Oktatási Kft. kivitelezésében valósult meg.